Purpose. Principles. Culture.
  • The Leadership Team.

    We share the same values in both personal and business lives and this has brought us together, combined with our expertise and knowledge of the international and local high-end market, to create a business that would enable our clients to manage their construction needs effectively.

    What makes us stand out is that we lead business with integrity, trust, honesty and honor. We value our name and reputation and you will receive the highest standard of professionalism and quality.

  • How we Do It.

    We will offer the best solutions to include construction methods, sustainable design options and latest technologies.

    We will create a clear and concise allocation of costs for your project and you will receive updates on a regular basis.

    We will be your liaison between the various parties involved with your project from the lawyers, planning permission and design teams, building contractors, civil engineers etc. and will keep you informed of the work progress on a regular basis, and update you timely of any remedial works.

    Our team of experts will be supervising your project on a daily basis.

    We will provide 24-7 security for every project.

    We will introduce you to the best quality suppliers to save you valuable time and achieve cost savings.

    We will accompany you to the building site to ensure you are satisfied with the work in progress.

    We will actively listen to your specific requirements.

    All projects are treated with a unique approach.

    No project is the same and they all have their challenges. Amanda and Sophia will be available to you at all times to answer any concerns you may have throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Amanda McCann

Managing Director

Amanda has over 15 years of international experience in the Real Estate and luxury consumer industry. Her expertise and passion for excellence and attention to detail is second to none.

Amanda is well travelled and has a deep understanding of offering you services that meet your capital needs. She has a proven record of connecting people that share the same vision and goals in business.

She is passionate about connecting people, creating authentic relationships and offering world
class services.

Alona Zablocka

Director of Marketing & Public Relations - Russian Market

Alona has 10-plus years’ experience working within the Real Estate retail management industry and her expertise includes marketing, public relations, contract development, negotiation & supplier and vendor chain management.

Alona is multilingual and fluent in Russian, English and Latvian.

She enjoys travelling and she is an avid sportswoman who loves to ski, cycle and always finds time in her busy schedule, to have a yoga session with her friends.

Joseph Gewert

Senior Builder Supervisor

Joseph has 30 years experience in the construction and mining industry, and has worked for major projects in Poland, one of which was the restoration of a 12th century Castle Wawel in Kraków.

The past 15 years, he has been living in Cyprus where he specializes in residential, commercial building work, maintenance and restoration of historical buildings.

In his private life, Joseph leads an active lifestyle having trained for Karate Kyokushin for the past 45 years. Joseph also participates in other sports and enjoys mountain climbing, skiing, running and swimming.